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PharaohHound 20th Oct 2017 10:54 PM

MTS Movie Night #3

Hello, MTSers! Grab your nearest ghost, ghoul, other mother, or dead-ish fiancÚ(e), make a bucket of popcorn, and join us for our third MTS Movie Night!

Next weekend we're hosting a live movie watching party in our Discord text chat server. We're hoping this will be a great chance for everyone to meet new people, get to know our chat system (if it's your first time), and also watch some really fun movies. This time up we've got an awesome double feature for spooky movie lovers!

The movies

For everyone who's ever gotten sick of their parents, maybe do like this kid and find an Other set of parents! Creepy, clever, and featuring gorgeous animation, Coraline is a treat for young and old. There's also a "I'm too old for this shit" cat who sorta talks, some opera singing neighbours, and buttons being used for purposes which buttons should not be used for...

Corpse Bride
What could possibly go wrong from practicing your wedding vows? Nothing right? Well...not exactly. Not if you happen to be in earshot of the ghost of a murdered bride looking for a new husband. Now Victor must get out of the land of the dead and back to his betrothed before it's too late.

Where & When

Saturday, October 28th
Coraline 100 minutes long - 5 PM UTC / 7 PM CEST / 1 PM EDT | TimeZone Converter
Corpse Bride 77 minutes long - 11 PM UTC / 1 AM CEST (October 29th) / 7 PM EDT (October 28th) | Time Zone Converter

The chatting will take place in our Discord server, which you can join here. On the day of the watch party we will create a "Movie Night" channel dedicated to this event, so make sure to choose it from the Text Channel options.

How it works

First thing's first: Everyone needs to find their own copy of the movies. Due to legal reasons, we cannot offer to stream the movies. Fortunately, however, these movies are available on Netflix in at least some territories!

We'll be getting everyone synced up by doing a text countdown in chat. For this reason, please show up at least a few minutes early, to ensure we all start at the same time. If you arrive after we've started, you'll have to figure out the sync for yourself.

ThinkingWithPortals101 23rd Oct 2017 12:01 AM

This might actually be the first Movie Night that I can actually participate (as I own both of these movies!!!)
I may only participate during Coraline, but if I'm still awake, I might pop in during Corpse Bride!

Hellfrozeover 23rd Oct 2017 1:01 AM

Yesss!! I'm so excited about these ones I don't think that I've seen Coraline yet and I haven't watched Corpse Bride in years!

MistressDar 23rd Oct 2017 1:02 AM

I love both those movies. Very clean fright for sure. Great idea.

Simmiller 24th Oct 2017 8:43 AM

These are 2 great movies! I'll try to join.

smorbie1 24th Oct 2017 6:42 PM

They're on Netflix for anyone who doesn't have a copy of them (like me). I hope I can figure the discord server thing out.

Phaenoh 25th Oct 2017 2:56 PM

Jeez, I'm 3 for 3 on already having plans on these movie nights. I'll catch one eventually!!

userjoao 26th Oct 2017 10:13 PM

yay, Coraline is my all time favorite <3

DezzyDoesThings 26th Oct 2017 11:34 PM

I may slip in for Corpse bride

smorbie1 28th Oct 2017 1:17 PM

If I'm not there, it's because I can't figure out discord. It's downloaded and ready to go. But, I don't have a great track record. Still, planning to be there for Coraline at 1 p.m., my time.

smorbie1 28th Oct 2017 7:43 PM

Sorry for the double post!

Great movie, guys. I enjoyed watching Caroline with all of you. Thanks

icemunmun 29th Oct 2017 1:35 AM

That was super fun :D

rielynn71 29th Oct 2017 3:48 AM

I had fun too and it was so nice to meet and chat with you lovely people.

Can't wait for the next movie night!

Natpop 30th Oct 2017 1:37 PM

oh no, I missed this! and I actually have one of these movies, which I've been meaning to watch and haven't seen before (Corpse Bride)! :'D

I'll try and catch the next movie night, hopefully

smorbie1 30th Oct 2017 1:45 PM

Before this thread closes, I just want to say again I had a blast, and to tell you guys that I was on a website earlier this week that listed Coraline as one of the scariest movies of all time, partly because it's animated. I can't agree enough with that statement.

mdsb759 30th Oct 2017 8:56 PM

I also missed this.
I own Coraline. not sure how many times I watched it. last time I think was a number of months ago.

never had interest for Corpse Bride.

edit:: I do not recall Coraline (movie) scaring me any time I watched it.
I guess the parts people would find scary would be the scenes where Coraline (character) is attacked in the "other" world.

koopo34 2nd Nov 2017 6:10 AM

MTS Movie Night #3
jbjbj :p

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