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Default My Photographs From Kew Gardens
It's pretty rare for me to venture out of the Sims 2 forums on MTS, but I wanted to share my Kew Gardens photos with you all as I am rather pleased with them! I am a member of Kew Gardens (London, UK) and I have visited there 13 times since I became a member in July 2016. I enjoy spending time there and I tend to take a lot of photos, and as I wanted to be able to share them with my Dad (who isn't on Facebook) I made a little website to show them off :-D

The photos can be found here.

Has anyone else here ever visited Kew Gardens? Or perhaps there are gardens near you where you like to take photos?
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Wow, these are beautiful!! Totally makes me want to visit one day. The flowers look so vibrant. :^D
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Very delayed reply, but thank you! :-) It is a really beautiful place to visit and I would definitely recommend it. I have now visited there 28 times (so there are more photos up on the website I linked in my original post) and I still love it there!
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