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EarthBound - What's the plan?

Date Posted: 6th May 2016 at 6:03 AM

Ok. I have plenty of characters made now, and I need a plan.
If I put this in the middle of all the Sims 2 content I made for EarthBound, I know I will lose it. I'll forget where it is, I will lose touch with it, I will lose interest in the project for a while, etc. I better put it somewhere I cannot lose it - here.

Which cities do I want to cover?
Onett and Twoson, and a little cameo about Moonside

What is done?
Sims: Ness, Ness's family (Mom, Tracy, Dad (GOS), Dog(MTS)), Pokey's family (Pokey, Picky, Mom, Dad), the Traveling Photographer, the Starman Jr, B.H. Pirkle, Traveling Entertainers, Cops, Captain Strong, Lucas.
Hood: Map of Onett (Hexameter)
Accessories: Ness' yellow backpack, Buzz Buzz

What is left to do?
26 Lots : GiantStep(1), BeakPoint(1), Ness's house(1), Other houses in Onett (23) + Deco buildings
Hood: Assemble the map with the lots and deco
Accessories: Flipped Ness' baseball hat, Onett Punk Accessories (PogoStick, Skateboard, HulaHoop)
Object: ManiManiStatue

(done) Paula - sim child
(done) Orange Kid - Sim child
(done) Apple Kid - Sim child
(done) Runaway Five - Sims adult
(done) Ketchup Hippie - Sim Adult
(done) Everdred - Sim Adult
TO DO - Blue Blue Obsessed Guy - Sim adults
TO DO - Carpainter - Sim adults
TO DO - Runaway Van - Vehicle recolor
To DO - Blue Cow - Object?
TO DO - Pencil Statue - Object
TO DO - Mushroom on the head - Accessory - hack it to affect walking?
TO DO - Franklin Badge - Accessory - hack it to block electric shocks?
TO DO - Exit Mouse - Pet
To DO - Spiteful Crow - Pet

Possible Further Intentions?
(done) Jeff - sim child
(done) - Poo - sim child - or is he a teen?
TO DO - Dr Andonuts - Sim adult? elder?
TO DO - Hint guy - Sim adult
TO DO - Pizza guy - Sim adult
TO DO - Escargo Express guy - Sim teen
TO DO - Pokey means business - sim child? teen?
TO DO - normal bus - vehicle recolor
TO DO - Trout flavored yogurt - food
TO DO - magic cake - food
TO DO - Poo's brain stone - Accessory?
TO DO - Ghost around the head - Accessory (recolor of BuzzBuzz?)
TO DO - Mr Saturn - decorative object
TO DO - badly Teleported state - similar to burnt? - Hack
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Date Posted: 15th Jan 2016 at 6:00 AM

Earthbound - Theme Set
Now with pictures! I could link you to my facebook pictures from here. Excuse the low-res of some of them, that's Facebook.
When everything will be ready, I'll upload my stuff with much better pics!


So far :

Paula, Ness, Ness in jammies, Jeff, Poo

Ness' Mother, Tracy (Sis), 'Fuzzy Pickles' Photographer

Threed Chick, Lier X (neighbor)

Ness' Backpack

Poo's outfit


Picky, with a little Mr Saturn tee
I also changed my mind about Jeff's glasses.

Onett Punks, as little kids, as seen within a fight
I might have made them too young, I might make them as teens instead.

Onett Punks as Teens, as seen within a fight

Onett Punks as Children and Teens, as seen from the street

Frank - The Boss of the Onett Punks

Captain Strong; and Buzz Buzz as an accessory (yes he rotates around the head! lol)

and since Everdred is wearing a black hat, I changed the Photographer's black hat for a grey one.

Starman Jr
as met and fought at the beginning of the game.
His shape and style made him a challenge to sim for a non-mesher.

Apple Kid and Orange Kid!
One of them will work hard for you, while one of them will abuse of your trust. Which is which?

The $7,500 shack in Onett : available for 17,500 in Sims 2!
And yes it's exactly like it is in Earthbound... No spoilers!

The Runaway Five!
And yes, there's SIX of them on stage, and on stage only! :D

Updates for some clothes - Paula, Tracy, Photographer

Pokey/Porky's Parents

Mayor of Onett, B.H. Pirkle

Map of Onett
The bare map has been created in SimCity4 by my good friend Hexameter

Traveling Entertainers in Onett
It's about time somebody uses this Maxis suit for something.

Cop in Onett - Captain Strong's employee

Ketchup Hippie in Twoson!

Next to be done : Ummm, I haven't decided yet. Stay Tuned!

No worries about the credits, I'll list all that when I post this.
It's all under construction and I'll make more Earthbound stuff including a mushroom-on-the-head as accessory, lol, so stay tuned!

*** I am not finished with Buffy characters or CSI:NY characters, it's on the ice, I'll continue them later I promise - just dunno when.
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